The Rosencrantz Commission

Caught between a Vonk and a hard place, Vial story.

Things started off quite nicely. Not only am i aware of magical energies around me now, but I’ve been able to see them more clearly than i have before. This just shows how well this mercenary stuff has helped in understanding my past.

We had received word about something causing the local waters to become black, which i was sure was caused by some type of hex. along the way, our party had stopped for the night to tell stories. I decided to enlighten them to my past, knowing full well that they would never believe me. oh well some things are to remain hidden. Vonk and I seem to be hitting things off well, as i think he’s the only person here that believes that i have his back. Which is true for the most part; Talyanna and I didn’t get off to a good start, and i’m sure she’d hate me more if i told her about the time i made a killing off of wolf pelts. As for Tai’Mi, She bothers me slightly. The way she acts is very off to others i’ve seen, and i can’t quite put my dagger on it, but I believe she has some type of hidden power that I’ve never seen before.

We arrived at the lake the next morn, and not too shocking, it was black. I had walked to the edge of it and had a strong feeling that something magical was causing it. As a joke, i dared Tai’mi to drink the water. She replied very seriously and declined. I thought Halflings had a sense of humor. Vonk went off to spread the “good word” and i took that as a chance for some good R&R.

Of course that was short lived, and this cooky guy told us about his plan to get us down and check the water out, up close and personal. I feel a bit worried, for the last time i was neck deep in something magic, it blew up on me, and the waters already make me feel uneasy.

Later that night, i was woken by a firm grip on my leg. Turns out Vonk wanted me awake, but decided to pick me up and yell. A little shaken, i placed back on my pants and gear. It was storming, very heavily. It was almost abnormal. That cooky fellow told us he saw a shadowy figure sneak out on a boat, setting out for the middle of the lake. I rushed out and tried to sense anything more, but the lack of sleep didn’t help me focus, and i sensed nothing more then i did before. We hopped in a boat prepared for the Sea Orb thing, and floated into the lake. Faster then Vonk eating a Panini, we were attacked by some necromorphed Fish. Still not sure what they were, but they were no match for our new found cleric and my trusty (and stolen) sword.

Wasting no time, we crammed into the orb, and descended. I want this person dead. he used some type of undead, and that’s enough to make me want him removed from this world.



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