The Rosencrantz Commission

Tai'mi: Deep Sea Diving

Seems like things have taken a turn for the interesting as of late!

I have finally gotten word back from Sir Rosencrantz, he had sent a party to fight off the fire bombers and deliver me to him! They were… not what I was expecting. For a city-dweller who fights with money and kills with contracts (so the stories go), I was expecting agents that were more… Shady? Mean? Human? This crew… is an odd sort. Which really makes this much more exciting than I thought! Running around with a bunch of angry, smelly mercs would have been miserable.

This Vonk guy. Get this, he’s an Orc Paladin! Can you believe it! But this guy’s completely off his rocker. He worships a god called Melvin, and smites people with his boots. He’s a good guy though – better moral compass than any Human I’ve ever met, let alone any Orc.

There’s Talyanna too. Taly’s an Elf! I’ve only seen them on rare occasions, but my elders never allowed me to make eye contact with one. Probably because they thought I would stun them. But I’m in control of my stunning now (and they can’t tell me what to do anymore so ha!). Anyway, she has this crazy connection to nature, like she lives and breathes it. Derro knew a lot about nature, like how to hunt and find things, but she can talk to it! She even has a wolf that follows her around, and doesn’t eat anyone unless she tells it to!

There’s also Vile. He… I can’t put my finger on it. He seems like the guy you shouldn’t keep your back to. He’s a crafty sort. There was a guy from the clan that is a lot like him – he got his thumbs cut off and now his Role is to tell childrens’ stories and pick berries. Let’s hope Vile doesn’t become like him!

We picked up another friend when we made it back to Rosencrantz. His name is Hubert, and he likes money. Money is his religion I think, which if you ask me is a very practical religion! I’ll be honest, we have a few people who are very driven by their ideals, but they would probably forsake gold in their pursuit. This guy may be the frugal backbone we need. Seriously, this guy loves money so much, he can smite the undead with his passion!

We were commissioned to return some gauntlet the others found to the family that claims right over it. My companions were telling me stories – the original owner sounds like a skunk’s ass. So does his relative, though his was much more tame. He paid us and stuff, but he shooed us away because we weren’t Human. Shouldn’t be surprised, Humans are always like that, makes trading near impossible with some. Thank Yondalla for Dwarven middlemen! Taly was gonna get in his face for being a typical Human. Maybe Elves aren’t used to that attitude. It was cool though, like she was saying all of the stuff I was told not to say to keep trading partners and not get beaten.

Next we were sent to a town by Big willow Lake to investigate the black water there. We stopped in Bogwater and shared stories. One of them was about this guy called the Brass Man whose gaze trapped you in an endless maze! That is the most amazing thing! I need to remember this story to tell other people. I told them about the Big Beast, but it’s not a very scary story. You had to have been there.

When we got to the lake, we found out he wasn’t kidding, the water was pitch black! Kinda gross. Vile dared me to drink it, as a gamble. I don’t gamble unless I have a clear edge, so I did some research. The water made the fish disappear, directly or indirectly. I didn’t take any chances. But 300 gold is more than I’ve ever had in my lifetime. What does Rosencrantz pay these people!?

We met this cooky inventor named William Yost. He wanted to find the cause of the black water, so he made this huge steel bubble that can go to the bottom! Isn’t that exciting!? We’re off to bed now, but hopefully tomorrow we can go in Billy’s big metal diving ball and see the bottom!

I could be the first Halfling to ever see the lake floor! If the water isn’t too black to see anything.



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