The Rosencrantz Commission

Talyanna: Deep, Dark, Desperate

We’re about to go to the one place I had hoped to never go again: underwater. This human scientist build a metal ball that he believes will hold back the forces of the water when submerged. How he managed to make it, I am unsure. Will going in it threaten my connection with nature? There is nothing about this device that comes from the earth, nothing alive, nothing familiar with it. Morro has decided to stay above, and I’m starting to doubt my own decision to go below. Usually, Morro is right, since I was little, the great wolf has guided my mind, helping me down the path I have chosen. So why am I choosing to not listen this time? Have I been away from the pack and tribe too long?

I must not give up on my people. For their sake, I must complete this mission. Even if my companions are starting to unnerve me. Vonk, for example, has changed drastically in my mind. Where once I saw him as a young pup trying to catch up to the pack leaders, I see him now as a beta in the pack. He thought of me as a young dwarf. A dwarf! The nerve of that orc, comparing me to those low and vile miners. How dare he think of a high-ranking full-blooded wood elf as a drunkard! We elven folk are more socialized than that. Even as druids, we are bounds above the destructive nature of the dwarves. Good smiths they might be, they have nothing else going for them. Their connection to nature is all but lost and their culture all but shattered.

As for Vile, well, lets just say he’s making a great case for my tribe to remain hidden. If, in finding a random group of adventurers, I can find a repulsive man such as him, they must be far and plenty.

Tai’mi and Hubert are new to the troupe and have thus far provided some interesting study. Hubert seems obsessed with wealth, a common enough human trait and nothing I am surprised by. Tai’mi, however, remains but a mystery. I have little history with the Halfling race, and far less with the Seers. She seems mild enough, sweet even if a bit shy. Her shyness could be a sign of danger, however. I shall keep a close eye on her, but I see no reason not to try to befriend her. After all, I am the only other female in the group.

Well, Morro has begun stirring, the others must be awake as well. Report #37 finished.



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