Male Orc Paladin


HP: 28
AC: 18
Initiative: +1

Str: x Int:
Dex: x Wis:
Con: x Cha:

Fort: x
Ref: x
Will: x

BAB/Grapple: +3/-x


Name: Vonk (Sir Doctor McVonk Esquire the Third)
Weight: 200 lbs
Height: 6’4’’
Class: Paladin
Alignment: Lawful Good
God: Melvin

Likes: Justice and Good, food, dwarves, Melvin, ale, maces (for smiting), boots (also for smiting), anything he can use for smiting evil (including his fists)

Dislikes: Evil, necromancy, skeletons, bad ale

Vonk was the worst of his tribe. He was too stupid to hunt, to fight, or even preform the simple tasks the tribe elders gave him. Vonk was eventually given the task of going out and slaying a great beast by himself. The elders had decided that was the kindest way of dealing with Vonk. Either he would come back as a grown orc or at least die in some glory. Vonk however simply wandered away in the woods. Hunger and dehydration would take their toll on him as he wandered alone. As Vonk neared death, he stumbled upon an old, rusty red gauntlet. Because of the madness in his mind, Vonk came to a revelation. This small artifact was a powerful gift from the one true god, Melvin. While Melvin was a fictitious god only in the crazed mind of Vonk, he was dead set that he had been chosen to do the work of Melvin. Now renewed with determination, Vonk set out and began to help people in any way he could.

Most people would view him with fear and suspicion, but his noble and good deeds would change people’s minds. The Gods saw his good work and attempted to contact Vonk. Unfortunately Vonk only saw these gods as spirits and that Melvin was the only god. Deciding that it wasn’t worth the trouble arguing with a crazed orc, the gods blessed him with the only powers of a paladin and set him off to do good. Vonk has since helped many people, but sadly his actually human experiences are still rather limited. Most of what he knows about society has come from a group of traveling Dwarven merchants. He had rescued the dwarves from a group of bandits and in return the allowed Vonk to travel with them and began to teach him basics of society and culture. Because of this, Vonk is now able to actually present himself as a sort of noble warrior he sees himself as. He also sees titles as a source of nobility and is constantly adding more to his name, despite that he never truly earns them. However, as Vonk as never seen an elf before, he doesn’t truly know what they look like. All he knows is that they are “a bunch of sissy boys who hid behind magic instead of real weapons”. This of course has led to his belief that the female elven druid he travels with now is actually a prepubescent Dwarven boy who hasn’t grown his beard yet.


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